Mike Katin's Columns

Jan 20212020 (In) Hindsight
Dec 2020Operation Warped Speed
Nov 2020Embargoncology
Oct 2020Miami Advice/Under Cover of Covid
Sep 2020The Eleven Per Cent Solution
Aug 2020Political Science
Jul 2020Virtualosity
Jun 2020Preserve and Infect
May 2020Covidus Interruptus
Apr 2020Whethering the Storm
Mar 2020Dread, Wrath, and Begone
Aug 2019IMRT (Intentionally Modified Radiation Therapy)
Jul 2019A Decent Proposal
Jul 2018Perfect
Jun 2018Deja Reviewed
May 2018Cannabliss
Apr 2018Throwing Nightshade
Mar 2018Worry Worth
Feb 2018Developements
Jan 2018The Year In Rear View
Dec 2017Friends and Family
Nov 2017MIPS and Chains, Part I
Oct 2017San Diego Checking
Sep 2017Wall of Words
Aug 2017Age Before Duty
Jul 2017Collusion Course
Jun 2017Guidemines
May 2017Jolly Good
Apr 2017Extinct Is Forever
Mar 2017Not My CMS
Feb 2017Debris or Not Debris
Jan 2017Saved by the Bill!
Best of 2016
Dec 2016MIPS and Drabs
Nov 2016Blue Moon                 Shot
Oct 2016Binding Me With Science
Sep 2016Lost in Boston
Aug 2016The Nuclear Option
Jul 2016Operation Overload
Jun 2016Corrective Wisdom
May 2016MACRAbatics
Apr 2016Political Science
Mar 2016Emotional Rescue Animals
Feb 2016Shoot the Moon
Jan 2016The Year of Living Dangerously
Dec 2015In Memorium
Nov 2015 Never Surrender
Oct 2015San Antonio Woes
Sep 2015Spectral Evidence
Aug 2015Doctoring the Numbers
Jul 2015The I's Have It
Jun 2015Bland On The Run
May 2015Triple-Edged Sword
Apr 2015Going Viral
Mar 2015Karmabunga!!!
Feb 2015Chance of a Lifetime
Jan 2015Situational Biology
Dec 2014Going, Going, ........
Nov 2014Armageddn't
Oct 2014Crème de la Crumbs
Sep 2014Go Ahead, Make My Session
Aug 2014Survival Instinct
Jul 2014Next (Part II)
Jun 2014Target of Opportunity
May 2014Data Way to Go
Apr 2014Midlife Crisis
Mar 2014Winners and Lugers
Feb 2014Understatement
Jan 2014Next, Part I
Dec 2013Rules of Engagement
Nov 2013Five for Fighting
Oct 2013Braving Atlanta
Sep 2013Brainy Nights in Georgia
Aug 2013Heightened Awareness
Jul 2013Herded through the Grapevine
Jun 2013Profiles in Discouragement
May 2013No Brainer
Apr 2013Retrofretting
Mar 2013Sighs and Symptoms
Feb 2013Seqfrustration
Jan 2013Meaningful Abuse
Dec 2012The UN-DEMIC
Nov 2012Half-ASTRO
Oct 2012 Last Tango in Boston
Sep 2012Fast and Curious
Aug 2012Free Schedules
Jul 2012Taxing Our Patients
Jun 2012Inventive Medicine
May 2012Oraculotherapy
Apr 2012Heart of Darkness
Mar 2012Heal to the Chief
Feb 2012Nothing Personal
Jan 2012The X-Factor
Dec 2011Stupor Committee
Nov 2011Occupy Walmart
Sep 2011Clockwork Homage
Aug 2011On the Wedge of Tomorrow
Jul 2011The End of the World As We Know It
Jun 2011Remember My Name
May 2011Debt's the Way I Like It
Apr 2011Opportunistic Inflection
Mar 2011Collective Wisdom
Feb 2011Jive Talking
Jan 2011Ironic Deficiency
Dec 2010Close, but no SGR fix
Nov 2010Cold Hard Truth
Oct 2010San Diego Cadres
Sep 2010Trial and Error
Aug 2010Indeception
Jul 2010Give Peace a Chance
Jun 2010Crisis in the Gulf
Nov 2009Second City, Last Chance
Nov 2008Yes, We Can - Put Radiation Oncology First!
Oct 2008Econoptosis
Sep 2008 Mass. Hysteria
May 2005 The Meaning of Life, Part I
Nov 2004High Maintenance
Oct 2004Double Standard
Sep 2004Extensive Care
Aug 2004Talk to the Hand
Jul 2004Manic Depression
Jun 2004Watchful Waiting
May 2004Money for Nothing
Apr 2004Here's Looking At You, Grid
Mar 2004Acadizzle
Feb 2004We Give Treat
Jan 2004Downer, Dude
Dec 2003Duty Now for the Future
Nov 2003There's No Business Like ASTRO Business
Oct 2003Hunger for Knowledge
Sep 2003The Enemy Within
Aug 2003Idi Come, Idi Go
Jul 2003Un-Presidented
Jun 2003Beyond Hope
May 2003Trust...in the Wind
Apr 2003It Ain't Necessarily So
Mar 2003Goodbye
Feb 2003Survival Curse
Jan 2003M.D., M.B.A., M.N. (Master of None)
Dec 2002Collateral Damage
Oct 2002Double Blonde Study
Sep 2002Tort-uosity
Aug 2002Heart and Soul
Jul 2002Inverse Planning
Jun 2002Screen
May 2002The Wayne Rogers Effect
Apr 2002Survivor: Residency
Mar 2002ACRO-nyms
Feb 2002Complex Simulation
Jan 2002A Modest Proposal
Dec 2001Autosomal Recession
Nov 2001Sessions of Mass Instruction
Oct 2001Return to Normality?
Sep 2001Stemming the Tide
Aug 2001Apical Views
Jul 2001ROM
Jun 2001Pigeon a Fit
May 2001Huelga
Apr 2001Hinkley Dory
Mar 2001Dead Reckoning
Feb 2001Quint (x10) Essentials
Jan 2001Beyond Y2K
Dec 2000Topical Depression
Nov 2000Electile Dysfunction
Oct 2000Completion Notes
Sep 2000Midlife Crisis
Aug 2000Conventionally Speaking
Jul 2000A Revolting Development - Part I
Jun 2000Tenacious D
May 2000Strategic Defense Initiative
Apr 2000Betrayal
Mar 2000Now and Forever
Feb 2000You Say You Want a Resolution
Jan 2000Hit Me With Your Last Shot
Dec 1999Is That All There Is?
Nov 1999Survey This (Part II)
Oct 1999Premature Holiday Column
Sep 1999Y2Katin
Aug 1999Whole Lotta Chakra Going On
Jul 1999Codependence Day
Jun 1999Consistency
May 1999Survey This
Apr 1999Meeting Expectations
Mar 1999Rivalry
Feb 1999Resign or Re-sign?
Jan 1999Distractions
Dec 1998Milestone
Nov 1998IconoclASTRO
Oct 1998Voodoo Economics Revisited
Sep 1998Conspiracy Theories
Aug 1998We Who Work
Jul 1998Apocalypse Soon
Jun 1998The New World Order
May 1998Newtron Therapy
Apr 1998Therapeutic (?) Touch
Mar 1998A Force to Endorse
Feb 1998Obligatory Clinton Column
Jan 1998The Shadow Knows (But We Don't)
Dec 1997Sea You Next Year
Nov 1997Roam for the Holidays
Oct 1997Sex, Rugs and Rock 'n' Roll
Sep 1997Summer Hiatus is Over
Aug 1997Awards
Jul 1997The Meaning of July 1
Jun 1997Recertification
May 1997Seasons
Apr 1997A Good Day in Radiation Oncology
Mar 1997Medical Recycling
Feb 1997Cognitive Ability for Hire
Jan 1997Our Professional Identity